DeeJayne C-79

born 1979, and already musical as a child, she played all conceivable kinds of instruments,was also singing and proved her rhythm in the blood on different Dance Contests …… The first Techno -, and Trance CD she had at the age of 13 and up to today she remained faithful without exception on this line. If it was in former times celebrating to this music, to which she had addicted to, she finally started the first careful attempts behind the mixer in 2011. From then on, the “attempts” became more frequently and longer, the time intervals between more briefly, and meanwhile she maintaines her ground with her mixing with constantly growing success. Not only herself feels fine with the music and behind the mixer,also all listeners, guests and friends....She totally blossoms playing Trance, Uplifting and Progressive Trance.

C-79 @ Paris-One
Irresistible Emotions
Every Wednesday 05:00 (CET)
Every Friday 21:00 (CET)
Every Sunday 13:00 (CET)
( / trance)
C-79 @ Globalbeats.FM
Cycle of Emotions
Every 2nd Saturday 16:00 (CET)
( / blue channel)
C-79 @ Abscape Radio
Unstoppable Alive
Every Saturday, 18:00 (GMT)
( / edm channel)
C-79 @ Trance Energy Radio
The Power of Dreams
Every Wednesday, 16:00 (CET)
C-79 @ Happyfan Radio
Every Monday, 22:05
C-79 @ OSS Records Day
every 3rd saturday of a month 16:00gmt

In the year of 2012, she became part of the DJ Team "Optimus Sound System" with the "Evol lovE Trance Session" -Show, powered by AWOT - A World of Trance.
With the year 2013, the AWOT Show was assigned to the label O.S.S Records, and the Team Optimus Sound System turned into the O.S.S Records DJ Team, presenting the O.S.S Records Day on Abscape Radio.

2011 + 2012: The "Some good night music" - Series by and with C-79
2011 + 2012: Several Guest DJ- appearances @ Electronic Dance Music Radio
2011: Regular Guest DJ - appearances @ Happy-Fan Radio / since 2012 resident
2011: JP-Art Records DJ-Team
15.08.2011: Deejay S.U.G´s Birthday Bash
05.11.2011: SC-SoundDesign meets BP Music
26:12.2012: Christmas Special with Guest DJ Till Ione
21.07.2012: Team Optimus Sound System meets BPMusic @ Old Cinema Flörsheim / Germany
05.08.2012: Guest DJ @ International Flights with Muhib Khan
19.01.2013: TranceJection @ Club Zathura Brunssum / Netherlands
07.12.2013: Guest DJ Verdastro´s Birthday Bash @ Trance-Energy Radio
13.12.2013: Guest DJ AB-Trancy´s 1st Anniversary @ Trance-Energy Radio
31.12.2013: New Years Celebration on with Manuel le Saux, Akku and many more
21.01.2014: Guest DJ Steve Mercury´s Birthday Event with Ahmed Romel, Manuel le Saux and many more @ Trance-Energy Radio
new mixes regular on: