Soni - Soner Ozdemir

Soni -
Soner Ozdemir A.K.A Soni, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, but spent his elementary years living in Berlin, Germany. His love for music began the day his Mother placed a guitar in his hands as a young child, and since then he has always known that music was a part of his soul - his calling in life.

Soni is a Composer and Producer with many original tracks already under his belt. Soni has worked with many artists since he started his music career in 1990 and has played many live performances.

In 2002 Soni decided to start making his own tracks and songs. He wanted to explore his creativity and produce his own work. It was a dream he had always hoped would come true, and so Electronic.Sound.Istanbul was born.

Soni does not limit himself to one single genre although his main styles are predominantly Trance, Electronica and Chill with Spiritual Elements. His career as a Composer, Producer and Performer has been and still is filled with many interesting individuals who have helped him along his journey. Soni wants to share his dream with the world, to share his passion for the music that he writes from his heart.
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